Bust of Alexander The Great

26 Aug

World Of Alexander The Great


Bust of Alexander the great – Pierre II LeGros known as le jeune(1666-1719)

This marble bust depicts Alexander the Great wearing a helmet reminiscent of his status of chief of the Macedonian armies. Wrapped in a lion’s skin, an attribute of Heracles (Hercules), he also measures up to the twelve labors of this half mortal and half-deity hero, in light of his multiple military triumphs.

Pierre II Legros (1666-1719)

Pierre II Legros Born in Paris in 1666, Pierre II Legros also known as “Le Jeune”, started his apprenticeship with his father Pierre Legros (1629-1714), sculptor to the king.

In 1689, he won the Grand Prix de Rome. In 1690, he became a boarder at the Académie de France in Rome and spent four years copying antiquities and great masters of the past.After his term at the Académie ended, he remained in Rome to pursue his career.With other local sculptors already…

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