Almora & Ranikhet

The Township of Almora is the district headquarter and has all the facilities for tourists. This ancient hill station is reputed for it’s healthy climate and is perched on a five Km. long horse saddle shape ridge in. Rabindranath Tagore spent some times at Almora and composed some of his poems here. In May and Jun, the climate is very pleasant and best for visitors.One can have a panoramic view of the snowy peaks of Himalayas on any clear day and in addition a glimpse of the township.

This ancient town seems to be more modern than other towns. Here hotels are more tasteful and provides better services than other places. As a tourist its my experience, which may not be correct to everybody. Spectacular views of sunrise, sunset and Himalaya peaks can be enjoyed From the rooftop of the Hotel Himsagar, where we stayed.

Sunset view at Almora


It was a favourite place of the queen of Chandraja Suridev. This is what made the place known as Ranikhet (Queen’s Meadow). In clear sky snow capped Himalaya ranges – Nandadevi, Neelkantha, Kamet Gouriparvat, Hatiparvat, nandagunti, Trishul, Nandakote and many more peaks are visible from this place. The place is having natural beauty decorated with Pine, Ceeder, Oak, Cyprash etc. It is situated at a height of 1829 meters. It is the HQ of Kumaon rifles.


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