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Maruti’s answer to Nano

Now, it’s the turn of Maruti, who is seriously planning a car priced closer to Nano, and it could apparently be the Cervo, a compact five door mini that might put the other kids on the block in the shade.The Cervo looks like a smaller Chevrolet Beat with cues from Honda Jazz’s design.

The phenomenal fuel efficiency is one of the USPs of this car.

Powered by Suzuki’s 660cc engine – as against Nano’s 623cc – the Cervo could be priced between 1.5 to 2 lakhs, a little higher than Nano. But Cervo looks too stylish and futuristic to be priced under 2 lakhs. So it’s obvious that Maruti needs to delete some of the features available in the car, or use a cheaper material to make a potent contender to Nano.

Although not all can repeat the Nano story, Maruti has resources and expertise to come up with such a model at a cheap price without compromising on quality. Lets hope for the best.

Source : Yahoo news


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That was “A great day”


“The Statesman” dated  15th Aug 1947, Friday, has been preserved in the museum of Cellular Jail, Port Blair, Andaman. I had an opportunity to visit the Cellular Jail in Oct 2009, and I found the newspaper kept for the visitors.  On the front page an advertisement of Tata Industries  attracted me and I tried to capture in my camera. The same is shown above. The newspaper has become brownish and must be brittle.   The content of the Ad.  may not be readable from the picture, the same is reproduced  under quote and unquote in bold letters, below  :

“In this great hour of India’s destiny we

offer our homage to those who fought

and suffered so that she may be free.

With freedom’s battle won, let us dedicate

Ourselves to the task of creating a happier

And fuller life for the people of India

And building a land in which, as the Poet

Has sung, “the mind is without fear and

The head is held high”. Then alone

Shall we be worthy of our great heritage.”

I have posted it here just not to highlight TATAs or TATA Industries, but for the content of the advertisement.  Dreams of the people of free India what was on that day, has not much changed.

On winning the battle of freedom, then the citizen of free India dreamt of a better India But today when we look at it, we find that the war is not yet over. Though India is developing country today but still it has to continue its “war” against hunger and poverty. The hunger and poverty today are mostly created one by the today’s narrow politics. The development yet to reach to the poor people of remote villages, who are the son of the soil of free India. How long this country will carry the Tag “Developing” ? In our life time, will it change to “Developed” one? God only knows.

Many miles to go (courtesy : Times of India, 14/8/10)


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Nano is launched


At last much awaited “Nano” is launched today and created history in the automobile engineering. Unfortunately Singur could not be the part of the history just due to Mamata Banerjee, the most immature, destructive and anti-industry, anti-development leader of this century. Of course the name of Singur and Mamata has already made their space in the history for negative reasons, which nobody wanted.

Much have been talked/written in the media about the destructive, anti-people activities of Mamata Banerjee, so whatever I try to talk will be less. The elections are round the corner. We find surprisingly how these leaders are changing their colors and trying to be friendly with the people. She can do/ talk whatever she likes, but people of West Bengal will never forgive her for her betrayal to the youth of West Bengal, particularly Singur and neighborhood by driving out the Tata Nano from Singur. People will not forget what she and her men did for closer of the Nano factory when the car was rabout to roll out in October 2008 itself.


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