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Bipasha : In a different role

Winner of the title “Sexiest Asian Woman in the world”  twice in the past, we will now see the Bollywood’s wow girl in a different role. Bipasha will be seen in a different role in a Bengali Movie called “Sab Charitra Kalpanik”. We are tired of seeing her in similar roles in Hindi Movies. I think, this role will give her a platform where she can show her talent in acting that too in her mother tongue Bengali. Also we can see her real beauty. She is Beautiful, no doubt but we can see her in Bengali dress as a bride in a Bengali Bridal makeup.

Bipasha Basu1Bipasha BasuBipasha in Lamhaa

Banglar Meye (Bengali Girl) Bipasha is bold and beautiful and firm on her decisions. She is the only Bollywood actor who refuses her Director for smoking in a song sequence. When she flatly refused to smoke a cigarette and let smoke come out from her mouth while singing a song, she was given an option to hold a cigarette while singing the song. She refused that as well. She is against smoking that’s why she  was not in favour of the scene. Had she smoked or held a cigarette it would have meant that she was promoting smoking.   She was determined in her principle and made a good job towards the society by not obliging the Director for such a scene.

In the past, there were controversies when Amitabh and shahrukh did such scenes in the films which indirectly promote smoking. They should have thought of the impacts on the society.

She is against smoking and never endorse smoking- she says. This is another side of Bipasha Basu.

(Pic source : Times)

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