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WPC : Sign

DSC_2380_1This sign in Hindi (Indian language) for the Indian tourists was found in a Cable Car station on the mount TITLIS, Switzerland. It means, please remain seated (in the car), do not get down here. Obviously, the sign meant for the Indian tourists. Sometimes people make mistake by getting down from the car, thinking that they have reached their destination. After momentary stop, the cable car starts moving again. This necessitated ‘Swiss Tourism’ to put such a sign.

This happens while getting down from the top of the mount Titlis in a intermediate station. Whoever gets down by mistake, just can seat back again before the car starts moving again. Helping people are always there but still it happens. In case anybody gets down and misses a car he/she has to wait for the next car to accommodate him/her. But all cars comes fully loaded from the top. It is difficult to get a seat here. He or she has wait for somebody to commit the same mistake like him/her and to grab that opportunity to put in 🙂 To avoid such situation, Swiss authorities have put up a sign in Hindi.Cable Car_800x503Cable Car of Mount Titlis for 6 people.


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