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Fatwa of Indian “Talibans”

mangalore6Self styled moral police has struck again in Mangalore. The activists declared a Fatwa to the girls, of dire consequences if they were seen in the pubs again. From the TV footage it is seen that they have physically assaulted the girls, even pushed them on the road and they saved themselves from falling to the ground.

The activists of Sri Ram Sene claimed that the girls were dressed indecently, engaged in immoral activities and consuming alcohol (in a restaurant) and mixing with youths of other faith. From the TV footage it is seen that the girls were not at all dressed indecently, they were all educated, adult girls. They have every right to go to Restaurant and drink, eat what they like. India is a country where men and women are treated equally and are having equal rights. Who are they to dictate in the personal likings and freedom. As long as the girls and boys were not engaged in any indecent activity in the public place, they had no right to interfere there. But they crossed all limits and they have assaulted the girls. They should know that in the Vedic ages, drinking of wine (Sura) by women was in practice and the same has descended into our culture.

India is a secular country, we should teach our young generation to respect other religions. In school and colleges, or in the society we make friendship without going through the religion details. The Ram sene or Shiv Sena can not dictate in these matters too. We live in a free country and we have rights to select what I shall eat, drink. Similarly I have right to chose what I wear and with whom shall I make friendship. As far as decency in dress is a relative term and varies person to person. For argument sake, even if the jeans and tops are considered to be indecent, Sri Ram Sene activists can stop wearing Jeans by assaulting few girls in Mangalore? By their FATWA, can they change the society now in this 21st Century?

We live in a secular democratic republic country and on the eve of its 60th Republic Day, the girls and boys were assaulted just because their drinks, their dresses and their friends were not liked by the activists of Sri Ram Sene. In this 21st century, an attempt to talibanisation in the society will no longer be tolerated by the people of India. Since independence, India has faced challenges from religious violences, castism, naxalism, terrorism, separatism and now violence of “Talibans of India”.

(Picture courtesy Times of India, Bangalore )



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