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An amazing Satellite picture

Could you make out anything from this amazing photo? Certainly, it is a satellite image of earth.  The brighter parts of the image is of course the view of certain prominent cities which were illuminated in the night.  More importantly we could also find a thicker orange colored line across this image. 

The stunning image of the earth, taken from Expedition 28 International Space Station Crew during August 2011.

The orange line which is snaking for hundreds of miles across the earth’s surface, is a land border between two countries and the countries are India and Pakistan. Yes, the image shows the illuminated (flood-lighted)border between India and Pakistan. India has undertaken a massive work of fencing and floodlighting this border.  

Source : Daily Mail and Ministry of home affairs, through


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Making of a terrorist

“Rancour against India is officially promoted to infect young minds in Pakistani schools. This is the foundation on which terrorism has flourished”, writes former union minister Arif Mohammed Khan.

In Pakistan, terrorists are not dropped from the heaven nor they are created over nights. The Government of Pakistan creates them over the years. Pakistan’s policy, culture of hate towards India is the main reasons behind becoming terrorists of Pakistani youths. Education policy of Pakistan is playing a crucial role in creating this culture of hate towards India. Through their text books of History in schools, the Government of Pakistan coolly injecting hate in the young minds of their children right from their school level for the last few decades. Historical facts have been distorted and rewritten for this purposes. This hysteria (not History) is on for decades and all ( including educated class) have accepted these wrong policies of education in Pakistan.

Some of the excerpts from the textbooks for Pakistani students given below:

“Previously India was part of Pakistan.”

“The British began ….. in conjunction with Hindus, to greatly suppress Muslims.”

“Muhammad Ali (Jinnah) felt Hindus wanted to make Muslims slaves. As he hated slavery, he left Congress.”

“India with the help of Hindus living in East Pakistan, instigated people living there, and in Dec 1971, invaded ….. All of us should receive military training and be prepared to fight the enemy.”

The above excerpts shows how the history has been distorted to build their mindset and hatred towards India and Hindus.

This is how Government of Pakistan promotes the culture of hate towards India and terrorism in Pakistan has flourished over the years.

(Source : Times of India dated 27 Dec 08 )


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