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Deepika in Sari at Cannes

Deepika at Cannes

We, Indians feel proud of Deepika Padukone who flew the flag for India high at Cannes film festival 2010, with a traditional Indian Sari. She is looking glamorous, stunningly beautiful in sari. While both Aishwarya and Mallika opted for Western dresses, the 24-year-old took the six yard route to style as she stepped out on the red carpet in a sari. when one is representing India in a very visible platform like the Cannes, gowns and elaborate western dresses do not really represent India. One should not only feel Indian, but also look Indian. Finaly bollywood at least has got a beauty with brain. Deepika was able to make the right choice in her first go itself , this makes her different from others in Bollywood. Deepika is the real ambassador of India.

25 May 2010 : It is reported by the media that  she with her  attractive look and stunning Sari caught the attention of none other than  film maker Woody Allen and many Hollywood agents at Cannes .

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Indian Dress : Saaree

Aishwarya in Saaree

Aishwarya in Saaree

Saaree is a most popular Indian dress. Its can be used the way you want. In India women of all ages and classes from slum dwellers to millionaires use it. It is very gorgeous and elegance dress. Village women use it because they cover their body fully by it and also cheaper varieties are available. But at the same time if anybody glamorous wants to expose her beautiful body parts, can also be done so without much efforts. It is so flexible. In India this dress is popular dress and women prefer to be in this dress in any social or religious functions like pooja, marriage, get together etc. Only the Saarees will differ in design, colors and cost according to function. This a dress which enhances beauty of a beautiful woman.

Over the years, the Saree has become a statement of style, a symbol of elegance. And who else but Aishwarya Rai could carry it off with such elan. In photo: Former Miss World and Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai poses for the media in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India on Dec. 1, 2004. (AP Photo)

<!–[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 <![endif]–> I was not having any intention to write about saaree. But the the photograph of Aishwarya Rai above and the other one below and also another picture in my memory, inspired me to write this. During my adolescent days, when I was in class eight, new math teacher, Miss Malakar, on her first day came in the class drapping a pink saaree. She was too young, hardly 22 years, just college passout, was looking very gorgeous, very beautiful and that is still in my mind. It may be due to my adolescent years, I liked her at the first sight. From that day she is in my memory and I could make out that Saaree makes a beautiful woman more beautiful, more attractive.

Magic of Saaree

Magic of Saaree


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