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Dream Came true

Today an interesting incident happened. I do not know whether it is a sheer coincidence or it really happens.

Today early morning I dreamt about one of my colleague, Ashoke, who has been transferred to New Delhi two months back. He was very much reluctant to move to New Delhi from Kolkata. But finally moved. In my dream I saw that he has come to office and cleaning his table, usually what he used to do everyday while settling down in office before his transfer. I sat in front of him and asked about him and his family’s (who are still in Kolkata) well-beings and about his office at new station. His reply was all positive and he is more or less happy there. Then I said him that “I told you everything will be adjusted slowly with time”. Then I was awakened and the dream was ended there. I thought after going to office, I will call his family to know about him but later I forgot.

I just finished my afternoon tea. Suddenly, to my surprise, the same gentleman, whom I saw in my dream today early morning, entered into my cabin and sat in front of me. Oh my God, what a pleasant surprise. I remembered my dream and narrated the whole episode to him. I asked about him and his family and he replied with the similar wordings what he said in my dream.

Many people believe that morning dreams never lie. This is my first experience of such a dream which turned to be true on the same day.

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My beautiful Kausani : a poem


I met her at Kausani in an evening dusky and rainy,

She attracted me, as if known for years many.

Welcome me raising her large eyes to my face,

Our four eyes met and made everything in mess.

She expressed her happiness on her bright face.

In the breezy evening my heart was in a brisk pace.

Her room was in a corner on the same floor of mine,

We shared the balcony to view the peaks and pine.

Our eyes were meeting while watching the peaks few,

I was gazing her beauty with the nature that she knew.

In windy weather, hairs were out of control of hers,

She put her shawl down, raised her arms to knot the hairs.

I found her slim body turned to a great posture,

Raising her “peaks”, beautiful and inviting,

she appeared to be, to me a beautiful painting,

She looked at me, I mutely thanked for her gesture.

After rain and wind, calmness prevailed in the mountains,

We were alone but unable to come closure, suffered the pains.

At last she looked at me and stepped to the terrace,

Wanted me to follow her to be with me face to face.

She smiled at me and hinted me to follow,

She took me to the clouds in the valley below.

While walking with her on the clouds under the sky,

I told her I had seen you somewhere, don’t be shy.

Tell me your name my dear lady, if I am right,

With smile, large and black eyes she was bright.

She said I am Kausani, don’t you know my dear?

She smiled and wanted my name to hear.

Suddenly my dream ended due to bang of sound,

I discovered myself in my bed but she was never found.


About Kausani & the poem : During my visit to Kausani I was astonished by the beauty of the hill station. Not only the beauty, a heavenly calm prevails there which inspire to think about the vastness and beautiful creation of the God. The climate of the place changes frequently and clouds comes down to the valley at a lower level. The beautiful natural beauty, calmness, clouds and Himalyan peaks standing tall at the horizon inspired me to bring out the poet in me to compose the above poem.



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