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Covid19 Vaccination

My story of Covid19 Vaccination

In India, the second phase of vaccination began on March 1, 2021 in which people over the age of 60 and those above 45 with associated comorbidities can take the life-saving shots. We took our 1st Dose of Covishield Vaccine at a private Hospital on payment just to avoid crowd.  Only problem we faced was to  get an vacant slot at Govt. portal . Finally got our slot on 31 Mar 2021. For 2nd dose, it was told by them that no need of booking a slot, just walk in after 6 weeks.

Before completion of 6 weeks,  crisis started due to irregular supply of Vaccine. As a result, Govt. stopped supply to the Private Hospitals and finally they raised their hands and asked us to get the 2nd Dose from any Government run Hospital or Vaccine Centres.

Since our date after 6 weeks was approaching we started gathering information on Govt. centres. So on 12th May’21 visited two Vaccination Centre in our locality to know about the  systems they are following. People at Both the centres said you have to come at 4.00 – 4.30 am and stand in queue, if you don’t want to go back unsuccessful. Me and my wife decided to visit one of the Centre on Monday, 17th May 2021 early morning, because in between there was EID festival for Muslims.

But to our surprise, next day i.e. on 13th . May 21 Government of India changed the Vaccine Policy (for Covishield only). The interval between two doses changed 12-16 weeks from 6-8 weeks.   We were in a dilemma – What to do now? Our 6 weeks completed on 12th May ’21.  In the night we decided, not to wait upto 17th, because by 17th the policy will be implemented and we will become ineligible for the 2nd dose now, let’s go tomorrow (14th) early morning and try our 2nd dose somewhere. We packed our breakfast since we won’t take outside food and started at 0545 AM. First visited our nearby centres and found both are closed due to EID festival. Local Govt. has changed the holiday from yesterday to today but never thought vaccination centres will remain shut due to a religious festival. Seems festivals are more important than Human lives. Anyway, by that time it was 6 AM in the morning and decided to go to a well known Railway Hospital. Railway may not be closed for such reasons. Reached BR Singh Hospital, Sealdah at 6.30 AM. Security personnel said, there is no Notice of “No Vaccination” today, so there will be vaccination. Staff will come at 09 O’clock onwards. They directed us to the vaccination centre and said to sit there. Hearing this we got somewhat relaxed.

From 7 onwards other people started coming and we are gaining some hope of our Endeavour. Then slowly Hospital staff too turned up and arranged for our separate seating for Covishield and Covaxin. At about 10 our vaccination started. After checking and entering the details in the Cowin portal they directed us to next room, one by one, where a nurse is vaccinating there. Since it is a Railway Hospital, the young Nurse engaged there asked me “Rail’ ? I said – No. She thought if I am from Railway services. She said no matter, open your shirt. Then she said to me that she is pushing Covishield vaccine, Second dose. I did not feel anything, I realized when she asked me to hold the cotton at the place of injection. She asked me again – after 1st. dose any thing happened? I said – fever. Then she advised to take one Paracetamol tablet before going to bed and in case of pain in the arm put ice after going home. Put your shirt on now, and while doing so, my Identity card (Aadhaar card) was fallen on the floor from my pocket. She said – you relax, I will pick it up. She picked up it from the floor and handed it over to me. I said so kind of you, thank you so much. Her kind behavior touched me and never knew such a good experience was awaiting for me here. After many years I met a Good caring soft spoken (Bengali) nurse who made all the difference with other Nurses. She secured a place in my memory.

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Lockdown continues in India

On 24 March, Prime Minister ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.30 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the 2020 corona virus Pandemic in India. The lockdown was ordered when the number of confirmed positive cases of corona Virus in India was approximately 500.

Observers state that the lockdown has slowed the growth rate of the pandemic by 6 April to a rate of doubling every six days, from a rate of doubling every three days earlier.

As the end of the lockdown period approached, state governments and other advisory committees recommended extending the lockdown. 

On 14 April, Prime minister Mr. Modi extended the nationwide lockdown till 3 May, with a conditional relaxation after 20 April for the regions where the spread has been contained.

Aproching roads, flyovers to Howrah bridge, are empty during lockdown.

As on 20 April 2020, death toll due to Covid 19 rose to over 500 and number of cases crossed 17,000 in the country (source : Times of India).

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Lockdown India

Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi urged, Indian Citizens to observe self-imposed Curfew (Janata Curfew) on 22nd. March 2020, Sunday from 07am to 09pm in order to slowdown spreading of Corona Virus (Covid19) among citizens. The curfew was for 14 hours only and therefore viruses will remain active even after 14 hours. Therefore, this step was not adequate to combat the spreading but, I think, it was an initiative to read the pulse of the people and take harder steps. In fact, people wanted complete lockdown India for 3 days at least. Anyway, Janata Carfew on 22nd March was successful all over India and gave a clear indication for the Lockdown. School Colleges already closed, exams stopped midway. On the evening of 22nd. March CM of West Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee announced complete Lockdown of Kolkata and all District towns in the state from 23rd. 5pm to 27th Mid night with some exceptions like Grocery, medicine shop etc. All offices in the state will remain closed and transports, long distance trains, inter-state bus services, domestic and international flights stopped for this period so that people should forcefully stay home.

This state was free from Corona virus till a student of Oxford returned home and being a son of a bureaucrat mother and Doctor father he did not bother to get himself admitted in the state run ID Hospital. He stayed at home and even visited a mall and mom’s Office (Secretariat called “Nabanna”). His mom is holding a high ranking post – Special Secretary to the State Home Deptt. She must have chaired several meetings on the Corona Virus too. Being such a responsible post how she could be so much ignorant and take her son to “Nabanna” the state Secretariat, CM’s Office. it is reported that she attended a meeting that day with her Boss, Home Secy. She knew that her son’s girl friend got infected in UK through an email from Oxford. College emailed two days back stating that his friend tested positive and advised to keep him isolated and get tested. But reluctantly they visited an hospital after two days and that hospital too advised them to go to ID Hospital Beleghata (Infectious diseases Hospital). But they avoided that day too. She attended a meeting in her office and her boy was accompanied by her in the same car. Next day they visited ID hospital and got tested positive. Mean time, in these 2/3 days, his father, a Doctor attended his office as well as his Chambers. Being a Child specialist, he treated many children during this period. After the boy tested positive, both parents along with their maids, drivers are in a Isolation Centre. This is an example of irresponsibility, negligence of a highly educated family.

Second case also is UK returned student who stayed in his home with his family till he came to know that two of his friends tested positive. Then he visited a doctor and finally landed at ID Hospital. His entire family members are kept in a isolation Centre.

The third case too came from abroad. A girl student from scotland came to city and she went strait to ID Hospital where she tested positive. She did not spread much except her father who went to receive her at airport and the driver only. they are in isolation for 14 days.

While writing this post, a sad news came that the 4th. case, one of our co-citizen aged about 57 years a Railway employee expired today. He attended a marriage in Bilaspur travelled back by train to Kolkata in February. Then he attended his office for 5 days. His wife so long was suspecting this train journey. His son studying in Philadelphia USA and visited India in Feb last. Doctors doubted that they are hiding some thing. Then his wife was thoroughly counselled by the treating Doctor and finally she revealed that his son and his Italian girl friend visited them (Came from Italy) in the month of February last. So this case has a strong Italy connection. But it is not clear about his son’s and his girl friend’s health. That is still to be known and may be published later. At present all of his family members and office collegues are in hospitals. Very sad that today, 23rd. Mar 2020 he expired while in Ventilation. This is the First Corona death in the city as well as in the state of west Bengal. Total death in India goes to 8 till now. What will be tomorrow’s figure we don’t know because people are not serious and irresponsible.

From the above it is clear that all the cases came from UK and Italy. Except one case, they roamed freely in the city, relatives, friends, office and we do not know how many have been infected by them. It takes about 4-5 days, to show the symptoms. And during this time, infected people thinking themselves as healthy, they lead normal life, in turn infecting numerous people. If this goes on this way, then India will enter to third stage soon which no sensible citizens, no Govt. want. This necessitated Lockdown the states. CM announced the Lockdown of Kolkata and all District towns in the state from today, 23rd. 5pm to 27th Mid night . Many states already declared or will follow and hopefully India going to be completely Lockdown soon.

Be a responsible citizen, Break the chain of spreading deadly virus. Stay Home, stay safe.

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