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Old city of Bern, Switzerland.


The Old City is the medieval city center of Bern, SwitzerlandIts. Its compact layout has remained essentially unchanged since its construction during the 12th to the 15th. century. Despite a major fire in 1405, after which much of the city was rebuilt in Sandstone ,  and substantial construction efforts in the 18th. century, Bern’s old city has retained its medieval character. Old City of Bern, Switzerland is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site since 1983 due to the compact and generally intact medieval core and is an excellent example of incorporating the modern world into a medieval city. Numerous buildings in the Old City have been designated as Swiss Cultural Properties of National Significance, as well as the entire Old City. 1-DSC041031-DSC041091-DSC04111


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Heritage : Old city of Bern & its Zytglogge

1-DSC04107_1Heritage  BERN’s ZYTGLOGGE : Despit many renovations it has undergone in its 800 years of existence, the Zytglogge is one of Bern’s most recognizable symbols and, with its 15th-century astronomical clock, a major tourist attraction. It itself is heritage site of national significance and part of the Old City of Bern, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage  site.


Tour of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site – The Old city of BERN, Switzerland.


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Spices of Kerala


The spices of Kerala date back to thousands of years in the history of the state. In the ancient times, Kerala rose to fame all around the world solely on the basis of the riches brought into the state, because of its monopoly over spices.

Musiri, the ancient port of Kerala became the base of world spice trade, almost ages ago. It is sometimes said the Western colonization in India, was the attempt of the West to control the spice trade from the state. The arrival of Vasco Da Gama in India and its spice trade was the result of the same.


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Atop Jungfrau


This week’s Photo Challenge Atop. In response of the same, a photograph  atop  Jungfrau Glacier of Switzerland is shared.

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Varanasi is as old as Indus valley civilization, finds IIT-KGP study

This is a pivotal discovery for Hinduism. It should clearly expose the myth of the Aryan Invasion created by colonial historians to support their own blood thirsty conquest of India. Science is confirming what tradition has held that Varanasi was the first urban human settlement in the world. Kolkata: It’s a perfect example of science meeting faith and […]

Source: Varanasi is as old as Indus valley civilization, finds IIT-KGP study

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A grand structure


Independent India’s biggest structure that surpasses Rashtrapati Bhavan in size and equals it in grandeur is located in the Infosys campus, Mysore for training Infosys employees and new recruits before placements.

With a floor area of more than 9.6 lakh square feet, the new structure, designed by architect Hafiz Contractor, is the second unit of the Global Education Centre (GEC-II) of Infosys. It was described as the grandest and one of the biggest buildings constructed for the cream of Indian youth who will come here for study and training and make them feel proud.450-curvilinear-buildingwings

Main entrance to the Building as seen from inside (Photo credit: MGS Architecture)

The Global Education Centre-II has been designed entirely on classical style of architecture with similarities to the Colosseum of Rome, while the pillars are reflective of the Parliament House. A large dome emerges from the centre of the structure and overlooks the entire campus and the structure reflects various ancient Greek and Roman architectural styles.


Given its infrastructure and size of operations, Infosys’s GEC is the largest corporate education centre in the world. Set on a sprawling 337 acre campus, Infosys’s educational and training hub has the capacity to train over 14,000 people at the same time. It is, in essence, an inception centre to thousands of Infosians who hail from all walks of life, diverse nationalities and cultures.1-dsc07045


1-dsc07042-001Campus visited on 28/29 Jan 2017


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