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Awful tragedy

priyanka.jpgI thought of not to post this love story of awful tragedy but my conscious did not allow me to be silent, at least in this case. Because this case has many angles like inter-religion marriage, corruption, money power, police in-actions, true love, economic and social status. Because of all these, city has seen the unprecedented public and media resentments in this case. So I decided to post it for my readers. Better late than never.

In films we always find that a boy from a poor family fall in love with a wealthy father’s only daughter and they overcome the hurdles on their way and finally love wins and get married with the approval of parents and they live happily ever after. The story ends like this in most of the cases.

But real life stories seldom end like reel life stories. Rizwanur Rahman and Priyanka Tody love story has become a legendary love story of the city. The story shows us that real love does exist even today. Love is blind, it does not look for status, religion and nothing else. Rizwanur belong to a middle class or may be below middle class Muslim family, educated in St. Xavier’s college, gentle, sober. He was working as faculty in Arena Multimedia, a computer institute. Priynaka hails from a orthodox Hindu wealthy business family of Marwari community. Priyanka lives in a palatial house in Salt Lake city of Kolkata and Rizwanur in a small house in a narrow lane in Tiljala area.

They met in the same computer institute. Priyanka joined there for a course there. This difference of status and religion did not come on their way to fall in love and to further it to marriage. They knew the hurdles to be faced from her family hence they got married in accordance with the special marriage act. She moved to her poor husband’s home leaving the palatial residence literary with one cloth even leaving her costly N-series Nokia mobile phone, thinking that her father may give a police complaint of theft of that and ornaments. Her imagination was wrong.

Priyanka’s father lodged a complaint with local police station that Rizwanur abducted their daughter. But this did not hold good when they showed all proof of marriage and age proof certificates. Priyanka said I am with my husband, I have come here willingly and nobody abducted or forcibly brought me here. We are married and I want to live with my husband. The local police did not interfere further, they went back. But his father did not stop there. It is reported in the media that he was having unholy link with the police. When he did not get any help from local police he went to Police head quarters. Then the Police started unlawful actions for separating them by sending Priyanka back to her home. They were called to Police HQ three times and marriage witness Was also threatened. Priyanka all along was unwilling to go to her parental home back. She told to Rizwanur family members “Once I go there, I would not be allowed to come back again.” Rizwanur was pressurized to send her back to her home by the police. His friend later revealed that the police threatened for dire consequences if she is not sent home. Later, on Sep 08, 2007, on a written undertaking of her uncle assuring that she will be to Back to Rizwanur after 7 days, Priyanka went to her home. Mediator of this was none other than police. What made the police to act so much for breaking a legal marriage. Rizwanur was also assured of having communication with her but soon that was disrupted and both were separated. As apprehended, Priyanka never allowed to return to her husband and her 8 days married life ended abruptly. All communications were cut off and Rizwanur could not establish any communication with her till his death. Once he pleaded to his father-in law and mother-in law by SMS to listen Priyanka’s voice for once but his request was not met. Later, on the same day his body was found beside Railway tracks.

Role of police is now under a question mark. They are supposed to be the protector of the citizen but in this case they turned to be tormentor to the young couple. Since they all along trying to separate them as per the wish of Ashok Todi. It is unbelievable to think about the involvement of police for unlawful activities. It is understood that there is a clear ruling of Supreme Court on inter religion marriage for their protection. In spite of that the police has gone just in opposite direction.

There was tremendous resentments of the citizen against the police. Had it been in other part of India, there would have been a communal riot but here people from all walk of life, irrespective of religion including the print and electronic media stood with the family and shown their solidarity. All demanded for CBI investigation and justice. Calcutta High court gave a ruling for CBI investigation too and the same is in progress. There is nothing to say about the case now till its final judgment comes.

He realised that he is not going to get any protection from police. He did not approached to media or took any legal action bcoz Priyanka did not approve it. But now investigations revealed that finally he wanted to take help of some political leader and a meeting was fixed on 21 Sep 07 the day he died. It is now evident that his mobile was tapped and ‘they’ came to know from his conversations that he is going to meet political leader /minister and they wanted not to happen so. Next morning i.e. 21 Sep 07, he got a call and went out alone and never returned. His body was found on the raiway track.

It is awful. A poor innocent guy was fighting alone with money and muscle power. He can not win. Had he gone to media at the beginning, he would have saved his life. The rich can buy anything and the poor, the middle class people have to run from pillar to post to get the legitimate rights or justice. Surprisingly, the high ranking IPS officers who should be honest, dedicated and ideal and example of their integrity to the young generation, are involved in this case for the wrong reasons. The poor Rizwanur and Priyanka, newly married couple, having full of dreams in their eyes, having no money, had to surrender to the money power and a terrible tragedy came to their lives.

Riz’s college mourning his death.
Disclaimer : The story, facts are presented here based on print and electronic media reports, which may not be true.



At a time when Indian Yoga is spreading far and wide in Western countries including Britain, two churches at London have banned a group of children from conducting yoga classes in the church premises saying that the Yoga, the ancient practice is allegedly ‘un-Christian’.

Yoga exponent Baba Ramdev who made the Yoga popular in India and abroad and his camps have been held in several places across Britain, most recently in Scotland, who reacted sharply to the ban of Yoga by two churches saying “To relate Yoga with religion is nothing but ignorance. There is nothing to suggest in the yoga texts that it is against Christianity,” Baba Ramdev said.

The Yoga teacher Louise Woodstock Said: The churches have completely misunderstood it and I think they are being narrow-minded. “

Delhi Catholic Archdiocese spoke person Emmanuel Dominic said “the action was stupidity because of lack of sufficient knowledge about what yoga is.”

Yoga is nothing to do with religion and it is mixed up with religion just due to ignorance. People throughout the world are enjoying the benefits of these age-old Yoga exercises (postures/ exercises), breathing exercises. Its cures lot of ailments and keeps the body and mind fit. Anything good to mankind we should welcome. Today Yoga has been accepted by most of the developed countries. Yoga is practiced by millions of Americans today. Everyday people are experiencing the goodness of Yoga.

Today people of western countries are turning to east for spiritual happiness (leaving the materialistic life), practicing Yoga for healthy mind and body. Yoga is for all, regardless of color, caste, creed or religion, from the richest to the poorest.


India is home to Spirituality, Yoga, Ayurveda and also Kamasutra. Today the preiests who are telling Yoga is a non-christian so they don’t accept (because it is from Hindusthan, India), then what about the Kamasutra? Why they don’t ban Kamasutra too?

It is rightly said that two church priests are too small to ban yoga. If somebody bans Homoepathy, saying it as non-Hindu, will that ban harm to Germany or America? It will turn to be a ridiculous matter. Similarly the banning of Yoga by two priests too has become a ridiculous matter. It will be a wise thing to ignore them and not to give any importance to such ignorant and narrow minded persons.

Everybody should view the things in a broader perspective. We should respect all other religions bcoz in every religion there are good things and anything good we must try to understand and welcome. This simple understanding, will make the world a better place to live.



One day at ISKCON Mayapur


Mayapur, a small unknown village has come up to the world map as the Headquarters of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) which is situated here. Mayapur is located in West Bengal state, in the district of Nadia, 130 km from Calcutta city (now Kolkata). It is located on the bank of the Ganges and on the other bank, a small town Nabadwip is located. Nabadwip means nine islands. There are two large holy rivers, the Ganges and Jalangi flowing between these islands.

Mayapur is the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, regarded as a special incarnation of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Godhead and therefore it is considered as a holy place by Hindus and specially by the followers of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. It is visited by a large number of pilgrims from around the World, every year.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) also known as ‘The Hare Krishna’ movement, was founded in 1966 in New York City by A.C. Bhaktibedanta Swami Prabhupada. Since the 1970s, Mayapur is also the site of the world headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) as well as a number of other Vaishnava organisations such as the Gaudiya Math. At Mayapur ISKCON has a sprawling campus studded with natural beauty.


Chandrodaya Temple, Mayapur

Today ISKCON Mayapur serves as an international center of pilgrimage and spiritual tourism. The Deities of Sri Sri Radha Madhava and Sri Chaitanya and the Pancha-tattva preside over a temple for thousands to enjoy daily congregational chanting.

In Mayapur campus, it is amazing to see the young and middle aged ladies and gents from all over the world, specially western countries. It is unbelievable to see that leaving their wealthy western luxurious lifestyle, they come to Mayapur in quest of peace, happiness and meaningful life. As seen in the campus, they are seems to be totally devoted to simple and spiritual lifestyle.


Today we are not seriously religious about our religion or religious rituals but it made me surprised to that the ISKCON devotees are practicing our Indian cultures, rituals seriously which our young generation is reluctantly accept. When our young generation is blindly accepts or consider acceptability of western cultures in their lives, what made these people to turn to East (Through ISKCON) ?




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