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Patriotic Song “Aye mere watan ke logon”

Lata & PM
In 1963, when Lata Mangeshkar sang this patriotic song, it moved Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Indian Prime Minister, to tears. After the song, PM told to Lata ” “you made me to weep”. The song completes 50 Years today.
This is  my all time favourite patriotic song. Whenevr I listen to it, I cry inside me. The song was written by Poet Pradeep. The lyric of the song is given below:

Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon
tum Khoob Laga Lo Naara
ye Shubh Din Hai Ham Sab Ka
lahara Lo Tiranga Pyaara
par Mat Bhoolo Seema Par
veeron Ne Hai Praan Ganvaaye
kuch Yaad Unhein Bhi Kar Lo -2
jo Laut Ke Ghar Na Aaye -2

aye Mere Vatan Ke Logon
zara Aankh Mein Bhar Lo Paani
jo Shaheed Hue Hain Unki
zara Yaad Karo Qurbaani

jab Ghayal Hua Himaalay
khatre Mein Padi Aazadi
jab Tak Thi Saans Lade Vo
phir Apni Laash Bichha Di
sangeen Pe Dhar Kar Maatha
so Gaye Amar Balidaani
jo Shaheed…

jab Desh Mein Thi Diwali
vo Khel Rahe The Holi
jab Ham Baithe The Gharon Mein
vo Jhel Rahe The Goli
the Dhanya Javaan Vo Aapane
thi Dhanya Vo Unaki Javaani
jo Shaheed …

koi Sikh Koi Jaat Maraatha
koi Gurakha Koi Madaraasi
sarahad Pe Maranevaala
har Veer Tha Bhaaratavaasi
jo Khoon Gira Parvat Par
vo Khoon Tha Hindustaani
jo Shaheed…

thi Khoon Se Lath-Path Kaaya
phir Bhi Bandook Uthaake
das-Das Ko Ek Ne Maara
phir Gir Gaye Hosh Ganva Ke
jab Ant-Samay Aaya To
kah Gaye Ke Ab Marate Hain
khush Rahana Desh Ke Pyaaron
ab Ham To Safar Karate Hain
kya Log The Vo Deewane
kya Log The Vo Abhimaani
jo Shaheed…

tum Bhool Na Jaao Unko
is Liye Kahi Ye Kahaani
jo Shaheed…
jay Hind Jay Hind Ki Sena -2
jay Hind, Jay Hind, Jay Hind

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Rupee Got its Symbol

Govt. of India was trying to finalized a symbol for Indian Currency “Rupee” like the US dollar ($), the euro (€), the Japanese yen (¥) or the pound sterling (£). So far Indian “Rupee” was represented by “Rs.”  or “INR”.  The reason for getting a symbol could be India’s growing influence on global economy. Unlike a host of global currencies, the Indian rupee does not have a unique symbol and “Rs” is the abbreviated form which it shares with currencies from Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Seychelles. Similarly, the US shared the dollar ($) symbol with a host of currencies ranging from the Canadian dollar, to that of Australia and Hong Kong.

More than a year contest and drama of selecting the Indian Rupee symbol is over as Information and Broadcasting Ministry released the Rupee symbol.

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Super Saina- Congrats

Saina Nehwal with the Tricolour after beating Japan’s Sayaka Sato in the final of the Indonesia Open Super Series final in Jakarta on Sunday.

India’s ace shuttler Saina Nehwal notched up an incredible ‘hat-trick’ by successfully defending her Indonesia Open Super Series crown with a hard-fought win over Japan’s Sayaka Sato here on Sunday. This was Saina’s third successive title, having won the Indian Open Grand Prix at home and the Singapore Open Super Series Tournament last week. This is also the 20-year-old’s third Super Series title overall.

Heartiest Congratulation to  Saina for your  super achievements.  India  and Indians are  proud of you. Keep it up.

Photo Source : Times of India


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Deepika in Sari at Cannes

Deepika at Cannes

We, Indians feel proud of Deepika Padukone who flew the flag for India high at Cannes film festival 2010, with a traditional Indian Sari. She is looking glamorous, stunningly beautiful in sari. While both Aishwarya and Mallika opted for Western dresses, the 24-year-old took the six yard route to style as she stepped out on the red carpet in a sari. when one is representing India in a very visible platform like the Cannes, gowns and elaborate western dresses do not really represent India. One should not only feel Indian, but also look Indian. Finaly bollywood at least has got a beauty with brain. Deepika was able to make the right choice in her first go itself , this makes her different from others in Bollywood. Deepika is the real ambassador of India.

25 May 2010 : It is reported by the media that  she with her  attractive look and stunning Sari caught the attention of none other than  film maker Woody Allen and many Hollywood agents at Cannes .

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Back with memories & photographs

Kausani Copyright M. Anil 2008

Hi folks,

I am back from my holidays but bit tired. You may explore my new page “Incredible India” above wherein you will find some photographs and texts about the places visited. Best things deserve best places, thats what made me to introduce a new page to post the best pictures which will remain always accessible and will never be lost in the midst of posts. Above picture shows the Kumaon hills from Kausani. Kausani is a beautiful hill station which is known as the “Switzerland of India”. Kausani commands an unobstructed view of Himalayas. Its situated at a height of 1890 meters.

Everest PeaksCopyright M. Anil 2008

If you look carefully to the picture above, the Himalayan peaks “Trishul”, “Panchachulli” or Panchachouli etc are visible behind the Kumayun hills. There is a story in favour of the name “Panchachulli”. As per epic Mahabharata, Droupadi, wife of pancha Pandavas cooked food for five brothers in five separate ovens (chulli). Those marks of five ovens are still visible on the Himalaya and have been named as “Panchachulli”.

Kausani SunriseCopyright M Anil 2008

The sun is trying to come out from the clouds above and at the same time the thickly dense clouds covered the entire valley which looks like a lake turned ice.



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Train to Bangladesh

“That is my country …. How near is it. Still, I can never reach there.” This was a dialogue in Ritwik Ghatak’s film “Komal Gandhar”, which captured the pain and grief of partition and his dream of reaching there remained just a dream . But on the day of poila Baisakh, Bengali New Year 1415, the Bengalis of both side of the International border got a gift to cherish and to make their dreams of “reaching there” fulfilled.

“Maitree Express” (Friendship Express) a train to Bangladesh from India, (Kolkata to Dhaka) started its journey on the auspicious day of Poila Baisakh that is 14th april 2008, after 43 years of snapping rail link between India and Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). The rail link between India and the then East Pakistan was snapped during Indo-Pak war in 1965.

The two countries, India (particularly West Bengal) and Bangladesh supposed to be very close at hearts to each other because of their common bond of language, culture and food habits. But we are not so due to politics and misunderstandings. An International Boarder separated us from each other. India always respect sovereign state of the neighboring countries and never believe in aggressiveness or Dadagiri to any neighboring country. India always stood by the side of Bangladesh, at the time of distress like a good friend.

“Maitree Express” alone can not bridge the gap or erase the border between two nations built or created through many years unless there is heart to heart communications by way of cultural exchange and tourism. Let there be more “Bharat Bangaldesh friendship society”, and let us extend our hands for friendship with each other. The same was reflected on the first day run of “Maitree Express” when the passengers reaching Kolkata expressed their happiness shouting “we are very happy to be here. We Bangladeshis share a common bond with you people. We especially thank you for standing by us during our war of liberation”.

If East and West Berlin can unite by breaking their “Wall of Berlin”, why can’t we work for union of two Bengals ?

Note : During united India (before Independence) the present Bangladesh was known as “East Bengal”. Then came the partition of INDIA in 1947 on the basis of religion and then “East Bengal” became “East Pakistan” ruled by Pakistan. In 1971, “East Pakistan” was freed from the clutches of Pakistan by India and a new nation was born , thats “Bangladesh”.

Train reached Kolkata from Dhaka. ( Pic : Times of India)



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Sexiest Asian Woman : 2007

Bollywood wow girl Bipasha Basu (Bips) was named the sexiest Asian Woman in the world on Friday by Britain’s largest selling Asian newspaper. This is the second time for Bipasha Basu who won the title. She was also the winner in 2005.

She said: “I am glad I got the crown back and will try to hold onto it this time. I think sexiness goes beyond just looks and is a total package, from your personality to the way you carry yourself in your everyday life.” She further added – “sexy is not a dirty word. Indians have used the word ‘sexy’ confusedly. Society changes with time and so do definitions. The term sexy has gone beyond a beautiful body. Today it encompasses talent, screen presence, personality and intelligence too.”

Congrats Bips. Wish you many more crowns in future.

Source: Times of India 20/11/07)


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