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Humanity is wounded

motorcycle.jpgThis city too is changing. Day by day the city is changing its skyline, geography, population and with all these changing its characteristics too. The city always changes as a result of developments, which are a positive sign, and it is desirable. But changing its characteristics towards negative side is a matter of concern. If you compare the past and present you will find that the mentality of the people of this city or any other city, have undergone a lot of changes. People have become selfish, self-centered, inhuman and intolerant. Once the people of this city was having reputation of showing humanity, feelings for others, having a heart full of sympathy towards the helpless and the needy. But now nobody is sympathetic to anybody, people have no time for feeling for others, extending help to the needy or helpless or a dying person on the road.

People of the city demonstrated this once again, three days back when a Computer professional on a motorcycle, met a fatal accident and was lying unconscious for about 40 minutes on a main city road. It is not that there was no passer-by that time. During office time, there was continuous flow of vehicles but not a single person was sympathetic enough to stop his vehicle and take him to nearby hospital to save the life of the ill-fated person. Imagine, vehicles just drove away by the side of the accident victim, the way we drive when we see a cat or dog’s dead body lying on the road. We just avoid because we don’t want to run over it again to share the sin of somebody already committed. But here the case was not so, it was a life of a human being and who knows he was very much alive that time and could have been saved if he was shifted to hospital without delay.

There are reasons too for not coming forward to help the victims of accidents. Accident cases being police case, any body who comes forward in such situations has to be involved in the case. In the process of investigation he has to be interrogated by the police. Nobody is having time to go to police station again and again, that too without doing any crime. More over frequent visit of police to a person’s residence or his visit to police station, nobody likes. This is the only reason why people do not want to get involved in any accident case. This being the case, the law should be changed or modified for the road accident cases and also the police should not always suspect the saviors as killers.

Accident may happen to any body. It may be me, you or any of our family members, That’s why it should not be repeated next time to lose another life. Who knows who will be the next victim. So let us not forget humanity, our age-old culture of feeling for others, helping others. Let us do the noble duty of saving a life and get blessed by the God. Saving a life is “giving a life” and I believe God will always be with you who comes forward for such a noble cause.

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