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Corona victim

Many people die everyday due to spread of Covid-19 in the city. But there are some deaths, which touches our heart, makes us sad. Such is the death of Mrs. Debdutta Ray, (দেবদত্তা রায়) Deputy Magistrate of Chandannagar, a small town near Kolkata, died of the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) yesterday, Monday 13th. July 2020.


Debdutta Ray, who was in her mid-thirties, was a West Bengal Civil Service (Executive) officer and posted as Deputy Magistrate at Chandannagore in Hooghly district. She is survived by her husband and a 4 year-old son.

Ray was the first senior civil servant in the state to die of the coronavirus disease. She died at a hospital in Serampore where she was admitted on Sunday.

Though she tested positive last week at a hospital in Barrackpore in North 24 Parganas district, where she lived, the bureaucrat opted to stay in quarantine at home, officials said. Her condition suddenly deteriorated on Sunday and she was rushed to the hospital.

Ray was known to be very active in the ongoing combat against the pandemic. She was overseeing the movement of migrant workers housed at a transit camp in Dankuni after they arrived in Shramik Special trains from different states. Needless to say that she might be infected by the migrant workers from different states who were later mostly tested positive.

People of West Bengal reacted sharply when they came to know about this sad demise as she could not manage admission to a good city Hospital. Now the infection curve is in the upward direction, Hospitals are full and getting a single bed is like winning a lottery. Day by day, situation becoming bad to worst.

May the departed soul rest in peace.


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India Lockdown 3.0

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday extended the nationwide lockdown for another two weeks from May 4 to May 17th. However, the Lockdown 3.0 comes with a fresh set of relaxations that are different for different zones.

The entire country has been colour-coded into Red, Orange and Green Zones. The rules are the strictest in the Red Zone districts and get progressively easier in the Orange and Green Zones.

If you are in a Red Zone, the following will be allowed:

– Private cars with two persons at most.

– Two-wheelers without pillion rider.

Shops in urban areas, for non-essential goods, are not allowed in malls, markets and market complexes.

However, all standalone (single) shops, neighbourhood (colony) shops and shops in residential complexes are permitted to remain open in urban areas, without any distinction of essential and non-essential.

‘Containment Zones’ are areas where strictest enforcement of lockdown rules are in place, given the high incidence of Covid-19 positive cases. All private security and facility management services, and services provided by self-employed persons such as electricians, IT repairs, plumbers, car mechanics and carpenters, except for barbers, will be allowed in all areas, except for those classified as ‘Containment Zones’.

House help will be allowed in all zones except containment zones. But since no public transport is available, they will have to reach the residence of their employer on their own. And society rules in the zones will apply. No domestic help will be allowed in containment zones.

(Some of the relaxations are compiled here from different sources as examples. For full information please refer the original order)

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My painting in lockdown

During lockdown I just took out the paint & brushes to brush up my old hobby. using mixed media just painted a landscape portraying Switzerland’s star village “Gstaad” which is famous for winter sports and celebrities vacation homes. This village has got various types of accommodations including a 5 star hotel.

One of the snow capped peak of the Glacier 3000 is seen at far. This is the one of the tourist destinations of switzerland. There is a ropeway service from ground level to the peak.

This is Gstaad a star village of Switzerland showing Glacier 3000 at far end. i visited this place in the year 2011.

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Lockdown continues in India

On 24 March, Prime Minister ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.30 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the 2020 corona virus Pandemic in India. The lockdown was ordered when the number of confirmed positive cases of corona Virus in India was approximately 500.

Observers state that the lockdown has slowed the growth rate of the pandemic by 6 April to a rate of doubling every six days, from a rate of doubling every three days earlier.

As the end of the lockdown period approached, state governments and other advisory committees recommended extending the lockdown. 

On 14 April, Prime minister Mr. Modi extended the nationwide lockdown till 3 May, with a conditional relaxation after 20 April for the regions where the spread has been contained.

Aproching roads, flyovers to Howrah bridge, are empty during lockdown.

As on 20 April 2020, death toll due to Covid 19 rose to over 500 and number of cases crossed 17,000 in the country (source : Times of India).

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