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mam Art work of Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL. Original 3D art work is a beautiful masterpiece which I tried to reproduce in simple 2D format on paper.


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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

20160727_123658-1C Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, a Hindu festival of India, commenced today. May Lord Ganesh bless you with joy, prosperity and peace.

The painting of Little Ganesh sitting on mother’s lap is tried by me, following the style of Jamini Roy, the great painter of Bengal, India.

To know more about Ganesh (or Ganesha) read here


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My painting, Buddha


Acrylic on paper


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WPC : Wall (Florence)

Florence David 1_800x600David of Florence, Italy. This photograph was published earlier in my other blog. For the sake of this week’s photo challenge theme (Wall), being it a fitting entry, republished it again for my follower/ friends. Hope, you may like it.

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Miniature Body Scapes

An art created by an artist should be looked as art with an artistic taste to enjoy the creativity.


Florida-based photographer Allan Teger creates a collection of black and white photos displaying miniature scenarios sprawled across the human body. Using the human physique as natural terrain, Teger creates bodyscapes portraying miniatures figurines in a variety of situations ranging from a game of golf on a hilly landscape to sailing through turbulent waters. At first glance it is hard to determine the exact medium used to create these playful images. With further investigation it can be seen that the shadowy silhouettes of the tiny figures are set against none other than the natural landscape of the human body.

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