‘Produnova’girl : Dipa Karmakar

21 Aug
2016 Rio Olympics - Artistic Gymnastics - Women's Vault Final

2016 Rio Olympics – Artistic Gymnastics – Final – Women’s Vault Final – Rio Olympic Arena – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 14/08/2016 (Image credit : Rauter).

Dipa Karmakar, the 23-year-old Gymnast from India narrowly missed a medal after finishing fourth in the vault finals at Rio Olympics 2016 but captured the imagination of the world by performing the ‘Produnova’ Vault and won the hearts of millions from India. Dipa Karmakar’s coach Bisweshwar Nandi revealed to media that Dipa practiced more than 1000 ‘Produnova’ vault in three months before the Rio Olympics 2016.

Produnova vault popularly known as the ‘Vault of Death’, the best of gymnasts hesitate in attempting this vault but  not the Indian Gymnast Dipa. Experts may think it is the ‘Vault of Death’ but trailblazer Indian gymnast Dipa doesn’t agree with that and says she will continue performing the Produnova despite the dangers that come with the dare devil act.

She revealed to the media recalling her experience at the finals at Rio 2016. When her name was announced, people cheered for her because of the Produnova. “I became famous for my vault in the Olympics. some called me ‘Produnova Girl’ others called me ‘Dipa Produnova’, a lot of people were cheering for me in the finals. I felt I made the right decision by choosing this vault.”

Dipa Karmakar is extremely proud that she brought gymnastics to limelight in India and will continue to inspire many to follow her footprints in future.

Dipa-Karmakar Produnova

Produnova Vault by Dipa Karmakar at Rio 2016

HER PERFORMANCE : Gymnast Dipa Karmakar narrowly missed the bronze by finishing fourth in the women’s vault event, scoring an impressive total of 15.066, which included a score of 15.266 for her Produnova vault.

Dipa shot up to second position in the table after her performance. She dropped to third after Russia’s Maria Paseka (15.253) completed her vaults, then securing first position.

So before USA’s Simon Biles performed her vaults, the score Board was showing Dipa in third position as below :

Russia (Maria Paseka) scored (15.253)

Switzerland (Giulia Steingruber) Scored (15.216)

India (Dipa Karmakar) Scored (15.066)

After USA’s Simon Biles shot up to top position for the gold, pushing everyone down below, Dipa came to fourth position with a difference of 0.15 points from the Bronze Medalist Switzerland’s Giulia Steingruber. This is to be noted here that none of the above medal winners dared to perform the Death vault (Produnova vault). Out of 8 finalists only 2 performed the Produnova, Dipa being the one.

She is happy with her score but missed the medal narrowly by 0.15 points. She has set her aim to reach the podium in the next Olympics (2020 Tokyo).


Our millions of hearts will remain with you Dipa with our best of wishes at Tokyo Olympics 2020.


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  1. neihtn2012

    21/08/2016 at 9:04 PM

    She’s great!

    • Anil

      21/08/2016 at 9:33 PM

      Thanks a lot for liking the post!


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