Temples appear like Rosary Beads; 108 Shiva Temples in Kalna

04 Mar
Temples appear like Rosary Beads; 108 Shiva Temples in Kalna

Life is a Vacation

My earliest recollection for the name Kalna was from a poem by Rabindra Nath Tagore elucidating the wacky lifestyle of an old lady and her grand mother-in-law’s sisters. These ladies used to store their pots and pans in the clothes hangar and kept their clothes in the clay oven:) While I used to double up in laughter, each time I read the lines; I would also imagine meeting them some day in Kalna. I discovered the book recently, under a pile of others and childhood memories came flashing by. Soon, I was searching for Kalna and realised that it is hardly 80 kms away from Kolkata and promised a few hidden architectural gems as well.Kalna-108-ShivaTemple-Panorama

I took a suburban train to Ambika Kalna from Sealdah Station. Negotiated a ride in a cycle drawn rickshaw to take us around town. The rickshaw rolled through the narrow streets of a sleepy town and…

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