Metformin : A wonder drug

02 Oct

In a significant finding scientists have now proved that Metformin, the most commonly used drug for Type 2 Diabetes, can be effective in curing cardiovascular diseases and increasing good cholesterol levels.

Scientists also say that Metformin like compounds evenly kill cancer cells and is also thought to work against diseases like Alzheimer`s. In the past, it has also been shown that the drug slows ageing and increases life span.

Metformin is most commonly prescribed for  Type 2 Diabetes by doctors to control blood glucose levels. Scientists from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad tested the potency of the drug against the vascular disease Atherosclerosis.

Metforminis the drug commonly prescribed for  Type 2 Diabetes by doctors to control blood glucose levels, proved effective against vascular diseases Atherosclerosis, a disease that cause the constriction of passageway for blood in blood vessels due to deposition of fat and plaque and can lead to cardiac arrest. Scientists’ research work was published in a Dibetes Journal.

Correspondent of Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad adds : This means Diabetes patients on Metformin prescription would be less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. But  scientists say Metformin’scapabilities are not just limited to controlling glucose level and inhibiting cardiovascular disease. It is now being thought of as a wonder drug that can check cancer and neuro-generative diseases. IICT Scientists say Metformin like compounds have effectively killed cancer cells of all varieties.” It has anti-cancer properties. In our lab, we have seen that metformin actually kills cancer cells. so it could be that patients who are on the drug could be less prone to developing cancer. It is being seen as a wonder drug now, ” Dr. Srigiridhar said.

Scientists’ research work was published in a Dibetes Journal.

(Source : Deccan Chronicle dated 18 Jan 2015)

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