7 Amazing Breast Milk Facts

08 Jan

Would be mothers, please note :


Maati: 4 years… 4 long years that  I have breast fed so I can definitely vouch for some of these facts below!  

#1: The Best Superfood Ever:

There are over 400+ known nutrients, probiotics, enzymes, stem cells and more in breastmilk – and it doesn’t decrease in nutrition at anytime! It’s constantly the perfect temperature, always changing during each day to provide exactly what a baby needs, and provides up to date immunity to what’s in the mom’s environment. #2: It Gives Babies the Munchies:

Breastmilk has cannabanoids in it, which are natural nutrients which also make up one of the medicinal factors of marijuana. The cannabanoids in breastmilk help to support the babies appetite, and that munchie-effect helps to make sure that babies want to eat, which is essential for them to grow and thrive.

#3: Colostrum is Like Liquid Gold:

The first milk that a mother produces…

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