NSA spying on all people of the Bahamas

22 May

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This video is called How the NSA is Using The Bahamas as a Model for Total Control | Big Brother Watch.

By Eric London:

NSA records and stores content of all phone calls in two countries

21 May 2014

According to new documents made public yesterday by Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency records the content of every phone call made to, from, and within the Bahamas and at least one other country.

An internal NSA document explains that the content-recording program, codenamed SOMALGET, is “deployed against entire networks ”to allow the US government to record“over 100 million call events per day” from the two countries. SOMALGET is part of a broader program, called MYSTIC, which monitors metadata from several other countries, including Mexico, the Philippines and Kenya.

Details of the program were first reported on Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept web site. The Intercept writes that…

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