26 Jan

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Republic Day india

Every year on 26th January India Celebrates Republic day , the day when Indian constitution came into existence. Just like any other festival in India Republic Day is alos celebrated with full of joy and enthusiasm , Thousand of people across the nation travel to New Delhi the capital of India where the Flag Hoisting Ceremony takes place by Hon’ble President of India(currently Pranab Mukherjee) followed by Republic Day Parade at Rajpath and other various cultural activities held by representatives of different states where they perform folk dance and folk of respective state.The main attraction of the day are the display of the guns,tanks,rockets,missiles,bombs etc.


The preparation of Republic Day starts 1 month before the Republic Day and there is a final full dress rehearsal of the Republic Day Parade on 24th January every year. Thousands of people gather there to watch this rehearsal of Republic Day.


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