Hindu Temple in USA

22 Jun

While in Florida, USA, I have visited two temples and one Gurdwara at south Florida, USA. Shiva-Bishnu temple and other temple named as “Hindu Temples” are Hindu temples. Shiva-Bishnu temple and Gurdwara (Shikh Society) are closeby. Gurdwara conducts langar everyday. The Shiva Bishnu temple conducts Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Krishna classes on Sundays to the Indian children.

Hindu Temple of South Florida, USA

Main Entrance of the temple facing East

The Hindu temple is constructed in a huge campus with plenty of car parking provisions. The main hall for the devotees is fully Air conditioned and can accommodate about 500 devotees while Puja. In the Hall, there is a permanent stage for Durga Puja etc.

Everyday there is fixed programs for Puja/Arati in morning and evening. Anybody can offer special puja on a specific day or occasion.

Temple arrange community feast (lunch), free of cost, on every Sunday. Anybody can join this and can have food. There are provisions for sponsoring this feast, if anybody wish, on some occasion. There are a separate place for dinning with chair table arrangements.

We should be proud of having such a beautiful well maintained  temple in USA.

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