Dream small Cars

22 Sep

Finally Hyundai has designed that dream car for India. Eon, the latest offering from the Hyundai stable that is expected on Indian roads in October, priced around 2.5 lakh.

The Eon will be powered by an 814cc IRDE petrol engine developing 56bhp, which is definitely zippy on a car that weighs at 715-795kg. To add joy, Hyundai is claiming 21.1 kmpl, too.

Above all it has awesome look from all sides and even spacious interior neatly finished.  With all these, it will definitely dethron the Maruti’s Alto from its No. 1 super selling posuition.

Some more cars to be seen soon on the Indian roads :

 HONDA Brio will soon hit the Indian roads



(Above) Awesome beauty. A Smart, beautiful, popular car seen on the roads of Europe. Lookwise it is really a smart, beautiful car. I was stunned when I saw it moving on the street of Europe, especially in Rome and Switzerland. Its brand name is also  SMART. Its a two seater, electric car. This was photographed in Rome.

Renault Twizy EV. It is also an electrically powered car.

TATA Pixel for Europe.

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