UFO Over China

07 Oct

UFOs have always been a fascination for millions of people all over the world and now, it appears to be a ‘boom time’ for UFOs in China. In the eight such incident since June this year, yet another UFO was spotted over the Baotou airport in China’s Inner Mongolia province, forcing the authorities to shut down operations for more than one hour.

According to Shanxi News Net, it was near midnight on Sept. 22 as Gu and his friend were taking photos of the beautiful moonlight view of the ancient Pingyao City in north China’s Shanxi Province, when Gu noticed a bright spot in his photo. He first thought it was a star, but could not find a star in that position when he carefully looked back up into the sky. Enlarging the photo, Gu found the bright spot was a flat object with two flashlight-like beams behind it. Read more

Source : Yahoo India News
Watch the videos of two UFOs which were sighted over China this year, earlier to Sep 22,  2010.

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