Brand new Nano in flames

26 Mar

Nano, the India’s most ugliest and the world’s so called cheapest  car again in news. A brand new Nano caught fire within minutes of drive. The car was being driven by an employee of the dealer after delivery. Suddenly, there was smoke  coming from the car’s rear, where the Nano’s engine is housed. The driver slammed the brakes and the owner Mr. Sawant and those accompanying jumped out of the car, a wise move because within minutes the vehicle was engulfed in flames. As if it got immolated itself for unbearable insult due to its ugly look.

Now we thank Mamata Banerjee who made Tata to close the Nano factory near Kolkata and go elsewhere. We felt it that time. But after seeing Nano, the look and its quality, we now realise that we feel lucky for not being tagged with such a product. It is such a terrible ugly car. Now, with all these ‘reputation’ Tata wants to increase the price of Nano.

Tata wanted to give a car to scooterist  families so that in rainy season they don’t get drenched and reach safely to their destination. it was a noble idea no doubt but such quality of car  may not take them home safely instead they may be burnt on their way. Mr. Sawant and his wife were lucky enough to  save themselves by jumping out of the car in time.

Tata made the public crazy (though it is down now and it will be further down) by its cost of one lakh . But  public  should realise the consequences of cheaper items. Mr. Sawant purchased a LX model Nano which costed him 2+lakhs and it turned into ashes in minutes of driving. First of all people who are spending 2L why going for Nano ?  With this amount good second hand vehicles are available in the market which will be far far better than the Nano. There is no sense of going for a Nano. People should know that it is the most ugliest car ever manufactured in India.

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