Re-naming spree of Mamata Banerjee

25 Feb

Railway minister Mamata Banerjee has gone on a Metro station re-naming spree, changing the old favourites with completely unexpected names. She has garnered mixed reactions. Of all the changes, it is the re-naming of Kalighat metro station that has shocked every sensible citizen of this city. What she is doing all senseless. Just make one community happy, she renamed the metro station “Kalighat” as Shahid Bhagat Singh who is no way is connected with the place kalighat. Kalighat is a place of pilgrimage known to all over the country and nearest Metro station was appropriately named as Kalighat. Just for the sake of change, she is renaming the stations. That’s not the way to show respect to the personalities.

Heritage expert GM Kapur, however, does not agree with this. He feels that stations highlight a locality and hence should bear the name of that locality. Nowhere in the world are stations named after personalities and this is bound to spread confusion. “Look at the predicament of a visitor to the city, who might wish to take the metro to reach a certain place. Its old name would have helped him locate the place, but the new name will just confuse him. Even the London tube, after which our metro is patterned, does not have stations named after personalities,” Kapur said. (Source : Times of India).

Beside Kalighat  she has changed the Park Street to Mother Teresa, Maidan to Gostha Pal, MG Road to Thakur Bari, Chandni Chawk to Tipu Sultan and Ballygunj  to Bahadur Shah Zafar. Why Bahadur Shah Zafar? As per Raiway Minister, Because while in prison, he wrote that before his death, he did not even got two yards of land.  Thats why our Railway Minister  dedicated one full Raiway station in his name. What an Idea.  Bahadur Shah’s soul will now be in peace.

One section of the intellectuals of the city are always seen with her. Where are they now?  What is their opinion about this meaningless renaming? Of course, by something or the others, they are supporting her moves because she neither listen to anybody nor anybody has courage to protest her or at least express displeasure.

She is trying to do some good job for Bengal keeping the election in mind but some of her acts, exposing her negative sides. She should realise this. For example this renaming of Metro stations. She should be told or she should realise  herself that this type of senseless meaningless acts of her will ultimately boomerang  because she is touching the sentiments of the majority public.

NOTE : Due to widespread criticism and resentments from all sections of public, the Minister changed her mind  and  Kalighat Metro station not renamed as Shahid Bhagat Singh. Good news, Kalighat remains as “Kalighat”. Now the Minister is on look out for a Metro station which could be named as Shahid Bhagat Singh.

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