Downtown Newtown

07 Feb

Today visited a construction site of reputed company in future downtown “Newtown” of Kolkata where huge projects have come up. Some of the projects includes IT park, Mall, 5 Star Hotel and  alongwith thousands of Residential flats. It is really amazing to see the change in quality in housing sectors which was not present few years back. The model flat which is in display (actual) is so impressive that no customer will go back if he has got money to invest. Even in one of the bedrooms, soft music is on. Its surprising that before launching a tower/ project, booking is going on for  a better location flats. When the project will be launched, none or very few of the good location flats will be available. All projects (other promoting company) are being booked like that, which myself have experienced it.

I had been there on request of my friend to see the location etc. In the past our Government departments (Housing Board)  only used to build flats for sell to the public and now this housing business has become a Industry. People of today going for quality and they are getting as per their requirement, because unlike earlier Housing Board days, lot many projects are coming up everyday.

Good and bad you have to select carefully according to your pocket. In this surging market many “Dadas’ also have turned  to be promoters  and trying to encash the situation. Too cheap of a rate is a indication of making money overnight and fly or a very bad quality. I have seen how the people became victim of such a cheat.  About seven months back, one fine morning an  Advertisement came in newspapers for booking of 3 BHK flat at Rs. 8.0 Lakhs in Newtown. Promoter was a NGO – “International Human Rights  for Development and Revolution”. People believed them. There was a Huge crowd for the  application brochure.  Bengali actress  Rituparna naugurated the sell of forms with her signature. Just after a week or so, when many people deposited their  Demand drafts of 20% flat cost, there was police raid in their so called office and the main promoters since then absconding. Police sealed their account, so some of the Demand Drafts they could not deposit/encash.  With the help of police, Bank and a court order, the Draft amount some of the victims were able to recover their hard earn money.

This is how a “cheap” turned to a Cheat. A human right NGO turned to be inhuman.

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