Padma awards -2010

31 Jan

This year’s announcement of Padma awards is over on  Republic day. It is surprising to note that no name of Scientists and Engineers of project Chandrayan-1 appeared in the list of the awardees of this year. Their works behind the successful Chandrayan-1 project remained unrecognized.

SiliconIndia adds : “The controversial decision comes at a time when government wants to stem brain drain of scientists and engineers to foreign organisations like NASA and woo them back to India with better terms than before and by rewarding good performance. Yet, if official recognition is itself banned while Padma awards are awarded to achievers of Indian origin in foreign countries, Indian establishments are bound to feel rather left out.”

It is said that due to Govt. rule (framed by the Govt. itself) came their way for not considering their works for recognition. Govt. knew it very well then why that discriminatory rule was not changed in time before announcing this year’s awards? As an exception, the team or the project director at least, could have been honoured. Who were the better candidates than him for the Padma award this year?

From the list of awardees of 2010, the trend shows that the Padma awards have been considered to the people who are popular among the masses. “I feel undeserving on being awarded Padma-Shri,” said Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, who was awarded the Padma Shri this time.

Anupam Kher rightly said “ I am talking about this not as a celebrity, but as an Indian. Jo garima judi hoti thi in awards se, woh ab chali gayi hai. This not only reflects on the people who decided the awards, but also undermines the feelings of earlier awardees. You cannot give away awards like this.” (TOI 31/01/10)

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