Noble Idea of Power saving for the sake of Global warming

04 Jan

No Tie day on 3rd May 2010

A group of people in Mumbai launched a campaign named ‘No-Tie’ to save energy and protect the environment, reports BBC.

Campaigners believe that not wearing a tie will make people feel cooler with less need to use air conditioners so extensively. Currently, in Mumbai air-conditioners consume about 1,000 MW of the 2,700 MW power used daily by the city.

Co-founder of the “No-Tie Campaign” believes that the culture of wearing ties is British. “Their peak summer temperature would be our lowest winter temperature. We need to see if we really need to wear a tie at our workplace. We should wear clothes that are suitable to Indian climactic conditions like shirts or kurtas.”

The campaigners are planning to organise a “No Tie Day” on May 3, 2010. “It will be the peak of summer and it will have an impact then. At the local level we will discuss how to save power, at the national level we will talk about how we need to dress according to weather conditions and at the international level we will discuss the impact of global warming,” said Shrinivasan.

Earlier in September, Bangladesh ordered government employees to not wear suits and ties to ease the country’s energy shortage.

Coutesy : siliconindia daily dose

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