Justice after 34 years

20 Nov

15th Aug 1975, when India was preparing for celebration of its Independence Day in the early morning, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of Bangladesh, was assassinated brutally by his own army, in a military coup in Bangladesh.  Thirty-four years after, the country’s Supreme Court, on 19th Nov 2009 upheld the death sentence on five of his killers, paving the way for their walk to the gallows. Seven others, who are absconding, were also convicted to hang by the apex court. It was  a well planned coup by the Army as seen from the date they selected for their operation. The ruling of the Apex court paves the way for the execution of the former army officers, who murdered Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, along with his wife and three sons, on August 15, 1975.

Sheikh Mujib led the country to independence in 1971 after a bloody, nine-month war against Pakistan. He was the only leader in true sense who  raised his voice against the Pakistani authorities and demanded independence for East Pakistan, after securing majority seats in the National Assembly in 1970 election by his party Awami League. Instead, the Pakistani President, sent his troops to regain control of the eastern province but  those Pakistanis were defeated with the help of India and they were made to surrender to Indian Army and Independent Bangladesh was created in 1971.

People of Bangladesh, especially new generation of today, like it or not, it is true that Bangladesh was born just because of India’s timely help and that credit goes to  the then Prime Minister of India, Smt Indira Gandhi,  most courageous lady for her bold decision. Had India not helped that time, it would have been a impossible task for East Pakistan to Achieve the Independence what they are enjoying today. As long as Bangladesh remains, Mujibua Rahman and India should be remembered. The Pakistanis (army) still unable to digest that defeat and the loss of their Eastern province  which increased the enmity with India.

Picture 1 :  Bangabandhu waves to supporters on March 23, 1971 as daughter Sheikh Hasina looks on
Picture 2 : Sheikh Mujib with Indira Gandhi in Bangladesh;

Picture 3 : Mujibur Rahman with his family members: (from left) son Sheikh Kamal, daughter Sheikh Rehana, son Sheikh Russel (on his lap), wife Fazilatunnesa, son Sheikh Jamal and daughter Sheikh Hasina (present Prime Minister Of Bangladesh)

Pix coutesy  : Bangladeshi publication “Father of the Nation” through Times of India

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