Global warming : Rise in sea level unstoppable now

15 Oct

Global warmingIn a recent climate conference, experts said that a rise of at least two meters in the world’s sea levels is now almost unstoppable. The crux of the sea level issue is that it starts very slowly but once it gets going it is practically unstoppable,” said Stefan Rahmstorf, a scientist at Germany’s Potsdam Institute and a widely recognised sea level expert. There is no way I can see to stop this rise, even if we have gone to zero emissions. Most scientists expect at least 2 degrees Celsius warming as a result of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, and probably more. The world warmed 0.7-0.8 degrees last century. Rahmstorf estimated that if the world limited warming to 1.5 degrees then it would still see two meters sea level rise over centuries, which would see some island nations disappear. His best guess was a one metre rise this century, assuming three degrees warming, and up to five metres over the next 300 years. “There is nothing we can do to stop this unless we manage to cool the planet. That would require extracting the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. There is no way of doing this on the sufficient scale known today,” he said.

From the above, we can understand what is the fate of this planet and our future generations, if we do not act seriously and that should start now.

This post has been written for the “Blog Action day” campaign. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s is also concerned about the climate change which has been expressed in his Blog.

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