All are in hurry to make a shortcut to hell

05 Sep
They are in hurry, no time for Green Signal for the pedestrians They are in hurry. No use of waiting for Green Signal

While driving on the city roads, I have experienced that the Calcuttans are in the habits of violating traffic rules and they take their life in their hands while crossing the roads. Every time you may not be that lucky, some time you may be caught and then it takes a shape of an accident. Many times I experienced such violation of traffic rules by the pedestrians just in front of my car, which made me to write this post.

In front of the moving cars

In front of the moving cars

People of Kolkata are in the habits of simply walk across the street without bothering the moving traffic simply raising a hand at the oncoming speedy vehicles, expecting them to stop. That way Kolkata is a paradise of jaywalkers.

Many times ladies, maid servants with school kids in tow, simply walk across the roads when the traffic is on the move, raising a hand to the moving vehicles. This is the trend in Kolkata and this type of violation practices by the students, young, olds, literates, illiterates all section of people violate rules and happily take their life into risk while crossing the roads. This violations often take into a ugly shape of accidents and all public sympathy go to the victims though the accident occurred due to their faults and violation of traffic rules.

Following Zebra lines but they too are in hurry

Following Zebra lines but they too are in hurry

Another type of violation of traffic rules  by the pedestrians has come to my notice that in the busy crossing like Gariahat more where a group of people just jumps to the road in front of the moving vehicles and forced them to stop despite the signal is Green.

People of Kolkata think themselves as most intelligent which make them try to go shortcut everywhere. They not only cross the roads by raising one hand to the moving vehicles (like a traffic police) but also they are in the habit of standing in the middle of the roads for boarding a bus. Private buses oblige them which makes the people more in-disciplined and both (buses and passengers) don’t bother to stand in the Bus stand. Drivers of the State owned buses some times try to teach them a lesson by just not picking them up, but due to the private buses the practice continues and they are beyond correction because of the culture of the private buses. Only way out to stop these violations is to make the law more stringent and enforce them strictly with heavy penalties/fines.

(Picture : Times of India)

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