What is in a name?

09 Mar


What is in a name? Nothing but sometimes it matters. An interesting story came out when a little sachin met Sachin Tendulkar in New Zealand. Indian connection started from his mother’s name. His mother Veda Karan was named by her parents simply just like that, without thinking anything. This is how Indian connection started with her and soon she fell in love with India and its rich culture and philosophy. She added that she became vegetarian for most of her life and never smoked or even touched alcohol. She had been to India for six years.

Her husband being sports freak absolute lover of Tendulkar, and because of her Indian fetish, they selected an Indian name. First child was named as Sachin and second child is Rama Mohandas.

Little Sachin has waited all of seven years, more than half of them probably not even realizing what he was doing, to meet the original Sachin. His wish finally came true here on Sunday afternoon: after the Indian innings, he got to meet Sachin Tendulkar, the icon after which this Kiwi boy had been named. Tendulkar, despite a sapping 163, was all smiles as he stepped out to meet his namesake. Sachin Tendulkar presented him a sheet of paper with the photographs and autographs of all the Indian players.

Its an interesting story which shows us how a name can change a life and we can’t say anymore that what is in a name? Here is a lesson to us too. We Indians try to adopt Western cultures forgetting our own beautiful one. We being Indian, we forget our good things and we prefer to adopt others culture.
(Acknowledgement : Times of India)

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