Thinking of you

05 Jun

Thinking of you

Its raining early morning in a summer day,

Sitting idle at home in the mood of a holiday.

In this cloudy rainy day, I am alone at home,

My mind thinking of you, it is in the roam.

Mind floating with the clouds, memories in queue,

Sitting alone, drowned in the memories of you.

My mind not with me, in these moments of dull,

My heart desires to meet, waiting for your call.

No sight of stopping, continues rain with wind,

Enjoying the fragrance of yours in my mind.

Thinking of you every moment having no limit,

When will you arrive, when shall we meet ?

~~~~~  By : Anil  ||  05 Jun 2008  ~~~~~


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One response to “Thinking of you

  1. tatahandal24

    18/01/2009 at 12:55 AM

    My heart desires to unite, waiting for your call.
    [wah seru bgt] pas sama suasana hati gwe “LOL”


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