A heart wrenching story

20 Feb

A girl aged about 12 years, standing on a railway platform, tears rolling down from her eyes. The train left the platform and disappeared soon. No, it is not a scene of seeing off somebody. Neither its a case of lost in the crowd.

Her parents just boarded a train leaving her on the platform. Before boarding the train, parents told her “look, you are not returning with us, this place would be your address now”. They boarded the train and disappeared from the scene. She started crying helplessly on the platform..

The Parents abandoned her just because she is a girl child. After 12 years of bringing her up, they left her. Humanity and human feelings did not deter them from abandoning a grown up daughter. The girl was lucky enough that they did not kill her and allowed her to let live.

Standing on the hard ground of reality, her tears dried up soon. She realized that her parents abandoned her and made her homeless and orphan. She could not tell the address from where they came.

However, God sent kindhearted persons came forward for her rescue. When one door closes, another opens, and may be true that God never closes all the doors at a time, just takes some time to find it out.

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Posted by on 20/02/2008 in Crime, girl, Girl child, Orphan, Society


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