Girls are missing

06 Dec


A study suggests Indian women in the UK are aborting unborn daughters so they can have more boys.

The Oxford University study suggests 1,500 girls are “missing” from the birth statistics in England and Wales from 1990 to 2005 and this could be due to sex selective abortions.

Ultrasound test is illegal in India since the early 1980s but still Doctors are carrying out the tests in closed doors to determine sex and aborting the female fetuses. As per BBC- an estimated seven million girls have gone missing from India’s population over the last 25 years. As I have already pointed out in my previous article that sex selective abortion is in practice in some states in India. We can understand the reasons for Indian couples which may be cultural, social, economic or illiteracy but it is really surprise to learn that UK Indian women are travelling to India for such sex selective abortions. BBC says: It is impossible to say how many British women are traveling to India for such terminations.

It’s an awful situation. Another kind of outsourcing to India? Doctors, clinics may be happy in such out sourcing but if this goes on, one day situation may come when there will be nobody to bear male offspring.

Acknowledgment :BBC news
photo : project Balika



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