Hubbies and their better halves

20 Aug

Experience of hubbies about their better halves are universal.“Life is not the bed of roses” – generally we don’t experience anything about this before marriage. That we can’t experience before marriage coz actual life starts after marriage only. Before marriage we see lot of dreams, which vanishes soon we woke up after marriage. Married life may not be ‘bed of roses’ but it can be compared with a rose where flower and thorn both co-exist. In a married life too, there are happiness as well as lot of adjustments and balancing.

To sail the boat smoothly, avoiding unwarranted situations following a silly comments to your better half, the under mentioned remarks should be avoided :

1. The food is excellent, but you know my mom used to add something that is missing in this, may be you should ask her.

2 Don’t you think you are shopping and spending too much money these days on items, which are not necessary?

3. I think you should change your style of dressing – this does not suit you any longer.

4. Honey! You seem to have put on weight!

and don’t praise any of your friend’s wife.






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